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WHEN SHALL I BOOK?                       

I always recommend booking your session at around the half-way mark of your pregnancy. Bookings work by selecting your due date online which will then be penciled in and once baby has arrived we'll confirm a date and time that works best for you. Sessions are best to take place shortly after their arrival whilst they are still in their 'fluffy shoulders, curled up, windy smiles' stage. If for any reason we need to capture those first little moments slightly after this timeframe that is never a problem! If you have a slightly older baby or a new arrival please get in touch before booking for advice on when would be best for their age! Your session is only confirmed once you have booked via my website.


Once baby has arrived you simply let me know and a date will be confirmed. Newborn sessions are all baby led, I follow what baby is happy to do and go with their flow. There is no guarantee of babies sleeping from start to finish, infact its rare although you’d never know from my portfolio! Babies generally take a little while to settle and drop off into the deep sleep that’s required for sleepy poses, but please do not worry! This is completely normal, I am used to it and it is always worth it for those perfect sleepy shots. The baby prep guide I e-mail over before is a really important part in helping sessions go as smoothly as possible. 

I shoot newborn sessions in babies up to 4 months but always recommend coming in when babies are within the first few weeks where possible. Older babies (2-4 months) are amazing and one of my favourite to shoot as they are full of smiles, eye contact and character however, sleepy poses are very hit and miss with this age. 

Yours and babies comfort and safety is always my priority. If baby needs feeding, a cuddle or nappy change this is absolutely never a problem at all. I keep my home studio very warm so that baby is settled when undressed, I always advise families to dress lightly so that you are comfortable. If you have siblings who are also coming along it’s a great idea to have some activities or partner etc available to take them for a breather if needed as they can become a little restless as the sessions can last a few hours. 

And lastly, I’d like to let you know that I myself am a Mummy to three children. I know the worrys of having a newborn/children, I’m always in awe of the beautiful families I’m so lucky to meet and who welcome me into their newborn bubble. 


I have a home studio and am based in Waltham Abbey, Essex, EN9. My full address will be provided before your session.  


Two to three weeks after your session has taken place I will be in touch with a password protected online gallery that you are able to view your sessions images in. You will from there be able to make image selections. Once image selections have been completed online galleries will update so that images are able to be downloaded directly from there. Online galleries are removed one month after image selections have been confirmed, images will need to be downloaded and saved within this timeframe. 


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